Sunday, September 23, 2018

Letter to Senator Wyden: Reforming Elections

The United States must start to address election reforms, first to protect our elections from Russian interference, and second, due to a sociological process known as Armageddon, it may be difficult for any major party candidate to get a  majority of the votes. The Republicans are facing this now with Trump's approval ratings hovering in the 30's, but the same thing is occurring in the Democratic Party.  In the last election, independent voters were warned not to vote for a third party candidate, and independents and moderate Conservatives were told they had to vote for a candidate who they didn't necessarily want and trust because they had to protect the US Supreme Court. 

My organization is working to create an international government based on the US Constitution, and one thing that we must address on the international government is how to hold elections, a plan that functions on a far higher level than the existing structure of any nation. With such a diversity of existing ways that officials are elected to office, what is the highest form?

We believe the highest form of elections is when anyone can run for president, and no donations or contributions are allowed. Nonprofits can hold debates and media can offer free space to candidates. Presidential elections will be held similar to tournaments--first on the local level, where candidates must offer plans that benefit everyone, and then state, regional and national levels, and candidates will progress by offering plans for each of the levels. The international government will have two presidents, and they will stand back to back, with one addressing the national level and the other, the international level. The international candidate must also solve the problems, because the same crises occur on every level.

The preemptive strike on Iraq triggered a schism around the world. It started the World Peace Movement, and every movement divides the people  into four segments--those who stands on the principles, those who have been financially affected, those whose lives have been affected and those who function for their own interests. This occurred on a global basis first, and then within nations, then within parties, and this continues to separate the people down to the individual level. As it separates, there may be some crossovers, but eventually, all candidates will hover around 25%. Any elected official knows the independents sway the election. That final 25%--the ult-rights and ult-lefts--can start rebellions.

No elected official has ever been able to get enough support to reform campaign financing to be more fair, or term limits, or a balanced budget. Attempts to go the Article V constitutional amendment route have failed. The only way that successful campaign reform can be enacted is by turning responsibility over to the States and the People through Article V, but limit the debate to the proposed international government. Everyone on the planet will be included in the debate.

Our founding fathers used a tool during debates that allowed them to reach a very high level. They "stormed the mountain." One would make a statement, and others would build and improve on it to the point where everyone agreed and was willing to carry the idea forward. Compromise doesn't work because no one fully supports the outcome, and neither does being backed into the corner. Imagine how high the proposed international government will reach if everyone is invited into the debate, and we storm the mountain.

I have kept your office informed of our progress in the creation of the proposed international government. It is normal to have active resistance to any plan from those who are in the second segment, and when they work with the fourth group, the resistance can become rebellious. The resistance ends when they see how they can get their financial support. Trump promised his supporters he would make America great (meaning prosperous) but the backbone of any economy is small business, and his plans only make the crisis worse. Our Lift the Public Plan, and economic stimulus plan that benefits everyone, can draw everyone into the plan for the international government. I gave a copy of our Lift the Public handout to Congressman DeFazio, originally in 2007, but also at his last townhall meeting in Brookings. 

My organization is hoping to start our Article V constitutional amendment drive in 2019. If you and Congressman DeFazio would like to overcome the coming economic crisis triggered by Trump's failed policy, please consider the Lift the Public Plan. It benefits everyone, including the lowest economic classes--the homeless and people on fixed incomes.