Amicus of U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court decides whether laws and practices are constitutional, so the debate has separated into how the Constitution is interpreted. Some believe in interpreting the way the founding fathers saw it, and others from the written text.

The first people to come into our organization are the channels--prophets or mediums, depending on one's culture, and our spiritual gifts are to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." The past kings, queens and presidents are returning to speak from their own experience, and while to work to prepare for the creation of the proposed international government, we have a very unique interpretation, and that is to see from their perspective the constitution from their evolved state. If George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were to come to dinner, and were willing to answer any questions , what would they say?

If the Supreme Court justices are  facing a difficult and controversial issue, such as abortion, what would the founding fathers say to help them make their decisions? We have no plenipotentiary power, but we can offer them a broader perspective. They are the proverbial captains of their ship, and the final decision is theirs to make. There is no problem with an organization offering a different perspective, an amicus of the Supreme Court.