Monday, June 29, 2020

The Right to Have an Abortion

The Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law today that blocks abortions in that state. Abortion doctors, under that law, would have to be within 30 miles of a hospital, with the right to practice in that hospital, and that would shut down two of the three remaining abortion clinics in that state. Abortion doctors within the 30 miles of the hospitals were having trouble getting permission from the hospitals.

Chief Justice John Roberts was the swing vote on the decision. He looked at a previous law in the state of Texas for his justification. While many people are celebrating the decision, his dependence on federal law won't bring together the two extremes on this issue. The only thing that can bring the two extremes together to enable everyone to function on a higher level is to address the unalienable rights people have. Schisms start when people are denied our unalienable rights. The people who object to abortion believe the fetus has the right to life without considering that the mother has the unalienable right to get her life, too.

Our founders declared, "We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." It is the definition of Life that is important. It is God's interpretation of Life that enables everyone to function on a higher level, and brings both extremes to the middle ground. Life, when interpreted as the right to breathe, makes abortion, police tactics of knee to the neck--the cause of the George Floyd protests around the world--waterboarding and capital punishment not only unconstitutional but a mortal sin.

The soul is one's purpose in life. Everyone has an individual purpose, and group purpose and a racial purpose. We get our purpose in life when we take our first breath. In astrology, the birth chart depicts  the time of birth, not conception. Conception is insignificant, and in fact, spontaneous abortions will occur when the woman is not ready to have a child.   Life, when interpreted as one's purpose in life, life creates a sense of principles of equality, liberty and freedom.