Sunday, August 7, 2016

Now is the time!

Every year, there are attempts to purify the U.S. legal system, even from within Congress, but each attempt faces resistance to the change. The only time change comes easily is at the beginning or the end of a cycle. We have reached the end of the cycle and now change is possible.

Since the preemptive strike on Iraq, Congress has been gridlocked, and deeply divided. This presidential election has been the most chaotic for many years, with both major party candidates having high un-favorability ratings so that people are voting against them instead of for them. This is possibly the first time in American history that a standing president has declared one of the candidates, after their party convention, to be unfit for office, and there have even been talks of party candidates resigning.

As we reach the end of the cycle, people must realize that the old structure is no longer working, and then start to look for a new plan, but what plan will that be? It must already be in existence for it to be accepted, no matter how small.

The plan for the international government is being debated by people all over the world, and many people support the idea but don't know how to bring it about. Before the conference in Europe can occur, we must purify the U.S. legal system to prevent the chaos from spreading onto the international level. Everyone wants to see the One World Government conference come about, and are watching America now to see how we do things here, and maybe improve on our system.