Monday, August 22, 2016


We are approaching the process to purify the legal system by looking at the highest good for all people. Laws that don't do so create cycles, and our goal is to straighten out the path mankind is taking into the future. The international legal system must be based on Universal Law, or rather than to straighten the path we will just create more cycles.

The only way that everyone will agree to the plan is if it allows mankind to evolve to the higher level. For example, if a caliphate is established on Earth, which is the goal of ISIS, and every person on the planet must live until Sharia Law, it will create a huge cycle, where people stand in protest, and the planet will devolve into a global conflict.

As I write this, many people are aware of the plan for the international government, and that it is based on the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature, and are trying to bring it about without purifying our legal system first. They believe the United States functions on a very high level. That idea won't work. At this time, there is a schism within the United States, and many people still believe the Iraq War was justified, and that waging war to protect the interests of the United States is in our best interests. We cannot force an agenda on the rest of the planet. We must address conflict resolution and unification first to end the schism that has been created. To unify everyone, we must look first at Universal Law as the basis for the international legal system. It applies to every atom in the Universe. To create an international government based on our own legal system, which is proving in need of reform, will force everyone on the planet to go along with our agenda, and will only lead to resistance, and to creating more cycles.

The first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those who stand on the principles, and who are being invited into a project that must stand on the principles of Universal Law. This row is part of the Getting Out of the Abyss classes, and the first question new students are asked is, "Are you willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law?" If the student is not, then it is not yet time for him or her to join the project that allows the student to rise out of the abyss.