Saturday, October 22, 2016

Purifying the election process

This U.S. presidential election has been all about two powerful individuals who have high unfavorable ratings, and they have come into the election process with high hopes that they can convince enough American voters to make one president of the United States.

Generally speaking, they have drawn in support from members of their own party, but independent voters sway the election process, and the perception among independents is that the choice has come down to the lessor of two evils. Any power games or scandals by the candidates or political parties leave independent voters searching for other options, but there is such a schism within our government that the two main parties are using scare tactics to prevent independents from voting for the other candidate.  

This election is not politics as usual, but this crisis has been devolving step by step for many years, and this year is the ultimate conclusion of the power games that have been played, when to vote for anyone other than someone you consider to be "evil" is a wasted vote, and if you vote for the other candidate, you are voting for global war.

Several issues must be addressed, which together set the stage for a call for comprehensive reform. These issues have caused chaos in the U.S. legal system-- campaign financing, the electoral college and term limits. Attempts to reform the system have failed. Rather than statesmen and women being elected to solve the problems, term limits have led to vast power bases being formed that have led to resistance to reform.

The intent of campaign finance laws has been to limit the size of donations to prevent people from being able to buy influence with elected officials, or to be able to buy their way into the Whitehouse. The president of the United States must represent the people, because in our nation and in every nation, the power the government has is derived from the people. Citizens United has changed that, making it possible for individuals or corporations to donate large amounts of money to the candidates. Donald Trump has declared that he is funding his own campaign, while Hillary Clinton has accepted millions of dollars from wealthy donors.

A candidate must get 270 electoral college votes to become president of the United States. Strong third party candidates make it harder for the candidate of a major party to hit that magic number, and if no one succeeds, Congress decides who will become president. This year, with such high unfavorable ratings of the two front-runners, the election could be kicked into Congress, but the power bases in Congress limit third party candidates potential to be considered. Congress has its own unfavorable ratings issues, with a 20%, approval rating which means that Congress is also not addressing the issues, and once again America is facing the option between the lessor of two evils.

This election is actually about where true power comes from. True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done. Americans have turned responsibility for solving problems over to the government, and the government is not capable of solving the problems. The solution to this crisis is for the people to take back the power, no matter who becomes president of the United States.

America's founding fathers included a path for amending our Constitution, called an Article V amendment convention, and the president of the United States has no more say than any other American. This path is also called a Convention of States, so the people must go to the state legislatures and petition the states to send a resolution to Congress to hold the convention, and each state will send delegates. This is how our Founding Fathers convened to solve the issues America was facing.

Fears of a run-away convention have been the justification for denying the resolutions for amendments that address campaign financing, electoral college and term limits, among others, so the only amendment that will be accepted is the overview plan that benefits everyone, which is the plan for the international government.