Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Westfall Act: Storm the Mountain

The title of this post does not imply that we are storming the White House. Storming the mountain is a type of brain-storming technique our founding fathers used in their conventions to ensure the highest good came from their efforts.

We think of our founding fathers as statesmen, and they were in the highest sense, but they were humans with strong emotions, and they disagreed over every point, and some disagreements even devolved into duels. One duel was so illogical--between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr--that duels as a tool for conflict resolution fell out of favor.  They were liberals and conservatives when they quarreled over every point, but they were statesmen because they "stormed the mountain," and built on each other's ideas when a great idea was offered. They set politics and games of one-up-manship aside and spoke from the heart--from their own experiences. Imagine what you would say if you knew history was watching you.

The election process has become the lessor of two evils because of all the politics and power games. A choice like that is not based on the highest good for all people. The pendulum has swung so far off the midpoint that the American people are being denied our inalienable and constitutional rights.

It is time for change in our government. The ideas are going out and being debated, but when the time comes, America must storm the mountain.

Our founding fathers knew history was watching them, and they chose their words carefully. As America debates the creation of the international government, not only will history watch us for the next thousand years, but the entire planet is watching us, and they are storming the mountain to demonstrate that the international government will function on a higher level than the United States.