Sunday, May 14, 2017

Setting the basis for an international court system

Every plan goes through the same planning process, starting with a rationale for its existence. It must be able to solve the crises it was meant to solve, so when the existing structure has proven it cannot end the crisis, it must address the glitches that arise or be replaced by a new plan that functions on a higher level.

The existing international structure has proven it cannot end or prevent disputes between nations, or there would not be so many existing conflicts or disputes between nations that are potential and imminent wars.

The Iraq War started a genocide, but the accepted definition of a genocide is based on ethnic cleansing. How can the Iraq War fit that definition?

All of our government proposals have associated books that explain the principles, the application of the principles, and the planning stages and steps that allow mankind to find a middle ground and to move forward in our progress to create the international government and our evolution.

Each government proposal addresses a US government policy or practice that is being purified to prevent the same chaos that it has caused from spreading to the international government, starting with the Iraq Genocide caused by the policy of preemption, which went against Universal Law, constitutional law, federal law, and international law.

When the Grand Lie has been told, the Truth doesn't overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. The only thing that you can trust under this point is Universal Law. That is the basis for our international court system. At this point, every person on the planet has been exposed to Universal Law, and therefore, it is possible to create an international court system based on it. Every atom in the Universe is subject to this law of Cause and Effect, and even the scientists understand it--"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Now it is possible to settle disputes that are based on genocides in court, and it explains why the existing structure cannot end or prevent disputes.

If you break Universal Law, what are the ramifications? That is the next step to address.